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All portraits are collaborations. I did a research degree on masculinity. I’m very interested in how men present themselves. In 2000 i did a project toHave & toHold which I offered men four poses while on a pedestal with a prop if they so desired. In this project I am doing similar. The frame this time is sitting naked on a chair. This explores each sitter’s way of presenting to the world, their confidence, swagger, coyness and even shame. Each is congratulated for accepting the challenge. The body language and how much they show speaks to societal norms and the tension with rebellion. I took the position that anyone who was willing to pose, was photographed. In each I lit the man to make a more interesting photograph.

If you are in Melbourne, Australia and a cis male, we are interested in making you part of this representation of men in our city. Please contact Garrie, g at This is an opportunity for men like you to be acknowledged and added to the given-to-be-seen of art about Australians.

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Exhibition History

This project has not been exhibited. Individual photographs made the semi finals of the HeadOn Prize and the Olive Cotton Award for Photographic Portraiture.