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A man quietly dozes, he serene. He awakes and between then, and leaving his home, he performs a number of tasks, metamorphosing to his public persona.

We keep secrets. Some deliberately, some not, a few are because they are private, because we feel uncomfortable with others knowing, in case we are too different. This project is allowing the photographer to enter the intimate world of men and follow them from waking, through their transformation from a private relaxed state to facing the riggers of public life. That is, they pass through vulnerability to masculinity.

Shot in 60 degrees of longitude the series refocuses the gaze from Western Europe and North America (WENA) to Asia Pacific. We see men documented in Melbourne, Sunshine Coast, Singapore, Manila, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Tokyo. This series has taken 10 years to arrange and produce.

In each photo the subject is allowing the viewer to be as close as a lover. We view his most intimate spaces and actions. We see in a different cultures, that which we are forbidden to gaze. This idea has been central my work over the years. In my projects try to answer questions I has never gained a satisfactory explanation. Further I enjoy finding beauty in average man and mundane situations and questioning the assumptions of society.

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Exhibition History

This project has not been exhibited.