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Imagine going on a visa run and not being able to get back. Imagine going to meet a date and instead being abducted by police, extorted and because you don’t have means handy you are charged. Imaging losing two and a half years of your life tying to figure out why me? Working out a way to survive as the state comes down on you for not making them wealthy. There is court date every month, but most times it is reset as the judge or prosecutor is not there. Imagine that your lawyer told you if you don’t take a case out against the police, it will be assumed you are guilty. What if when you have them charged, they have you detained? It is better than the normal way they deal with problems, with a bullet in the head. What would you photograph? This is happened to me, and this is what I photographed.

I'm working with a team to bring this story to life as a theatre piece. So far we have spent a couple of years on it and with lockdowns things are getting a bit messy. We are looking at a way of bringing an experience that incorporates still images to theatre in a fresh way avoiding the slideshow aesthetic.

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